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Please call (347-762-4875) for details and see how this can be a reality for you.

Imagine having your day job and seeing patients in an out of network private practice during your off hours. The hours are flexible. You the provider can see a patient when ever you like. This is a part time position, but can become full time depending on how many hours you desire. Join my out of network private practice on 44th street and 5th avenue in Manhattan/next to Grand Central Station, which follows a 60/40 fee split model. This is the model for most hospital outpatient faculty practices such as Mount Sinai, NY Presbyterian and NYU. Please call (347-762-4875) for details. Help patients with the high quality of care which you can provide, work at your own hours and be compensated at a much higher rate than traditional moonlighting. 

I am seeking a Mental Health Clinician: Psychiatrist (MD/DO), Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner other Licensed Mental Health Clinician. 

What you receive: No rent, My website, My billing system (intuit quickbooks or square) and My EMR & E-RX (practice fusion). However, the key is my advertising. I already have an influx of patients from my reputation and advertising. I use Zoc Doc and Psychology today, but that's just basic advertising. I advertise on other platforms as well. You the provider reap the benefits of this influx of patients at no extra cost. You will receive patients from my practice. No, I don't just give you difficult patients. My 60/40 split is in accordance with Federal IRS standards as well as NY State standard because you the provider actually receive more than 60% in value. 

Compensation: 60/40 split. You the provider receive 60% of the revenue, the practice retains 40%. I am happy to over the details with you over the phone or in person.  

What you must have: Your own licence and your own malpractice insurance (PRMS recommended). It can be a malpractice insurance of your choosing provided it covers general malpractice as well as slip and fall. 

Duration: minimum 1 year

Supervision/Oversight: There is supervision if needed, but you the provider will run this as your own practice. 

Part time: Hours negotiable. Day/Evenings negotiable. If you are already practicing somewhere else, you can see patients here during your off hours. Please call (347-762-4875) for details.

Best way to find out more is over the phone: 347-762-4875Please leave your full name and contact number in the voicemail.

-Looking forward to hear from you,

Arnab Datta MD 


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Types of Services Offered

I treat a variety of conditions through different methods. You can learn more here.

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