Frequently Asked Questions

Are there office or video sessions?

Yes, Dr. Datta does in-office as well as video sessions. Everything is confidential and HIPAA-encrypted to ensure your personal health information is safe. Please call for details and availability

We encourage potential patients to call us to hear about the prices.

How long are the sessions?

The initial session is called a psychiatric evaluation (psych eval) and it’s where we get into your life story. This initial session with Dr. Datta is 75-90 minutes. The duration gives you time to talk about what’s happening now as well as issues of the past, so that the doctor can formulate the course of action best suited to you.

How long are the follow-ups?

The full follow up is a 45-50 min session. This allows for a deep conversation where we dive into medication management (when needed), psychotherapy, meditation practices, relationship therapy and addiction treatment (when needed).

Is there a shorter, cheaper session?

The half session is 30 minutes. Dr. Datta has appointments over video chat as well, which are confidential and HIPAA-encrypted to ensure your personal health information is safe. Remote video chat is also done as well as phone sessions.

What if I want to cancel or reschedule?

There is a 48 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. No-shows are billed. Payments can be taken care of electronically via intuit quickbooks. Patients receive an invoice/bill from intuit quickbooks to their email address.

Will I get medications in the first session? Is psychotherapy done as well?

Even though Dr. Datta practices a psychotherapy first approach, certain serious cases require that medications be discussed first. Depending on severity of the case and the patient’s presenting symptoms, we need to talk about medications first. Such as if the level of psychosis is so serious or the level of addiction or withdrawal is so serious, then medications may need to be addressed first.

Can I come in if I’m having an emergency?

Please note, Dr. Datta is not an emergency doctor. These patients are referred to the ER and to be evaluated for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, detox or rehab.

Is this a facility? Is this a hospital or clinic?

This is a solo private practice – this is not a clinic – All correspondence is between patients and Dr. Datta and his Hipaa Trained staff.

What if I want to text the doctor?

Dr. Datta does not usually text. Texts are only used to manage appointments and convey small details about medications, when the patient has indicated that it suits them. Texting is not considered therapeutic – because tonality and emotionality can be misconstrued over text. Emails convey treatment plans and directions. Emails are medical legal documents. Phone calls and Google Hangout video sessions are therapeutic.

Why it’s important to communicate cancellations/rescheduling with the doctor and the office:

Please abide by the 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy to avoid being billed for the session. If you are not able to make it to the session a remote session is possible, but only during the patient appointment time.

Can patients stop treatment anytime they like?

Both the patient and Dr. Datta reserve the right to stop treatment at anytime. Dr Datta always gives referrals when the patient has to go. However, taking breaks or stopping treatment must be clearly communicated. ‘Ghosting” is unprofessional.

Why it’s important for the doctor to sometimes obtain collateral information:

When communication with family becomes therapeutic in nature, the time is billed. Accepted patients can email their thoughts and their history to Dr Datta. Sometimes a certain level of professionalism and analysis is required of certain emails and certain documents. Depending on the level of analysis required, this time will be billed.

Treatment and termination regarding patients on controlled substance taper down/detox regimens:

Dr. Datta can provide a referral to another doctor or the patient can find a doctor on their own if they choose. These patients have the option of presenting to inpatient detox. Treatment can be discontinued at Dr. Datta’s discretion depending on the severity of the violation of the treatment agreement. Ideally, patients are never abandoned in the middle of a taper down/detox regimen. However, treatment with controlled substance/addictive meds is tough sometimes. Sometimes when a doctor prescribes certain controlled substance medications before they are due, it brings the doctor a step closer to losing their medical license.

What if I can’t afford Dr Datta?

If certain patients cannot afford Dr. Datta, then they should seek out a faculty practice, a teaching hospital clinic or another doctor that accepts your insurance. Dr. Datta’s assistant can explain this process to you. Dr. Datta does not accept payment plans.

What if I disagree with Dr Datta and/or don’t like what he did or what he recommended?

There is an Open door policy. If you are an active patient who has been accepted by the practice, you can always call Dr Datta for advice. This is part of the open door policy. Incase of disagreements, Dr. Datta is open to productive discussions when it is necessary. Patients are not just turned away, rationales are explained. Dr Datta has received his own psychoanalysis for over 10 years, and when he listens, he listens to both your conscious and unconscious mind at all times.

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