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Overview of Addiction Treatment

If you have relapsed every time and think there is no hope left, here you can learn why you have failed (or why your providers may have failed) in the past and what you can do about it. This insight is guaranteed, however it depends on your ability to receive this type of tactful honest feedback. The purpose of providing this feedback is not to insult  or belittle you, rather to empower you to take control of your desires and your life. I take pride in the unconscious analysis of each patient and providing  a practical approach to recovery. On a softer note, I balance the above approach with supportive psychotherapy as well. Where you have an environment where to vent and be heard. 

I have a harm reduction approach, not a zero tolerance one. I do believe that 12 step programs and Smart Recovery programs are helpful. If you're not going, then you are not doing enough in your recovery. 

I am the medical director of addiction services at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers, where I started a suboxone and vivitrol program to treat substance abuse.

- Suboxone and Probuphine (implantable) are prescribed to treat opiate use disorder and for relapse prevention.

- Sublocade is coming soon in March 2018; the monthly subcutaneous suboxone injection, which Dr. Datta will provide in office. 

- Vivitrol is provided in office, it is a monthly anti-craving injection which helps in addiction recovery. 

- Outpatient detox regimens are tailor made to a patient's exact specifications when inpatient detox or rehab is not an option. Patients have been detoxed from alcohol, xanax, opiates, cannabis, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. 

- Patients are entitled to a second opinion to refine your existing controlled substance medication regimens.

- Students as well as adults are evaluated and treated for ADHD.  Psychological testing covers 16 cognitive categories of thinking in comprehensive evaluation of ADHD. 

- Genetic testing is done to find the right regimen with precision. This is helpful for patients who have been on a myriad of medications in the past. Find out which medications precisely work for you. 

- Behavioral addictions are treated as well. This is not an aside, it is a  top priority as well. Behavioral addictions such as gambling addiction, video game addiction, pornography addiction and sex addiction are treated as well. 

Outpatient Detoxification

Many of my patients are working and do not want to take time off for inpatient rehab. I provide custom tailored outpatient detox regimens for the following substances. The duration of each detox regimen is specific to your needs; ranging from one month to one year. 

  • Alcohol ( most classical form of outpatient detox)
  • Heroin ( detox using suboxone )
  • Synthetic Opiates (oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, morphine derivatives and kratom). I do not prescribe percocet or vicodin
  • Barbiturates - phenobarbital, pentobarbital
  • Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin and Valium)
  • Cannabis and Cannabis derivatives
  • Stimulants - Adderall, Cocaine, Crystal methamphetamines
  • Detox is followed by a maintenance period
  • "Comfort medications" are given make the detox process more soothing
  • Patients can be referred to short term or long term rehabs as well

Combination detox regimens are also provided. If you or your loved one would like to hear more about a tailored regimen, please do call to inquire. I do not prescribe methadone, percocet or vicodin. These are prescribed by a pain management provider. I can refer you to one.


I am a Suboxone specialist. If  you desire a confidential, concierge suboxone treatment for opiate use disorder, then this is the practice for you.We can find the right medication assisted treatment for Opiate use disorder using Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv, Bunavail and Probuphine.

Sublocade - subcutaneous suboxone injections will be available in March 2018, this is beneficial for relapse prevention. I provide these subcutaneous injections in office. 

  • I have a Drug Addiction Treatment Act waiver (DATA 2000) which is the license allowing a provider to prescribe buprenorphine or suboxone.
  • I am a registered opioid treatment provider through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA


This is the suboxone implant which lasts 6 months for Opiate use disorder. Patients must be stabilized on sublingual suboxone before considering the implant. Probuphine has been a significant advancement in opiate relapse prevention.

Each Probuphine implant ( four rods - 1 inch long & 2 mm wide ) is equivalent to 8mg suboxone. Patients on more than 8mg of suboxone are recommended to supplement Probuphine with sublingual suboxone.

The Probuphine rods are implanted by a surgeon in the medial side of the arm next to the bicep muscle and remain there for 6 months. I only prescribe Probuphine, I collaborate with a Probuphine REMS surgeon who can implant and remove it. 

Vivitrol and Naltrexone

Vivitrol injections in given in the office. Vivitrol is a once a month anti-craving medication can be applied to a variety of addictions, not just for alcohol and opiates. Naltrexone is the tablet version of Vivitrol which also had an anti-craving function.

  • Vivitrol and Naltrexone are also prescribed for alcohol and opiate use disorder  
  • Acamprosate and Antabuse are provided for alcohol use disorder

Behavioral Addictions

Addiction is not just to alcohol or drugs. These behavior addictions can ruin the balance one has in life. It can impair one's ability to hold a  job or family, no matter how well you function. 

Gambling Addiction - Yes,  the anticipation and the rush is significant, but at what cost will you indulge yourself? What have you given up and what you will continue to lose if you continue on this path.

Video Game Addiction - Yes, it is a subculture and you have virtual social relationships, but what are you missing out on in your real life? You may not be conscious of it. 

Pornography Addiction - It is easy to get lost in your fantasy world. The self gratification may feel good while it lasts, but what is it doing to your perception of real intimacy and what does it mean in terms of relating to a real partner. 

Sex/Love Addiction - How can you appreciate a real relationship? Learn the difference between impulsive risk taking and the physical/emotional intimacy you truly desire. 

Ask what Naltrexone + psychotherapy + integrative family and couples therapy can do for  you. No, you do not have to bring your significant other or family member to the session, rather learn what your interpersonal relationships have to do with it. 

Smoking Cessation

Medication-based and behavioral therapies are applied together to aid with smoking cessation. ChantixWellbutrin and Nicotine patchgum and lozenges can be used in combination. Psychotherapy and Motivational Interviewing Therapy are also effective

Collateral treatments

In order to make progress in substance or behavioral addiction recovery, four or five things need to be done simultaneously. Seeing me for psychotherapy and medication may not be enough. 

  • 12 step programs and Smart Recovery with a group + sponsor
  • Sober companion who can accompany you at home. Ask for detials. 
  • Therapeutic communities as well as detox & rehab facilities
  • Family Therapy - family and friend support has been shown to be effective
  • I have a network of therapists where groups are also conducted
  • My style is harm reduction as opposed to zero tolerance

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Types of Services Offered

I treat a variety of conditions through different methods. You can learn more here.

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